Key values

  • Constant quality

Each end product undergoes strict quality control to ensure our customers can have full confidence in our products. Flinn holds a level A BRC certificate, as well as a Kosher and Halal approval.

  • Personal service and long-term partnership

Our customers are our partners. We build a long-term relationship of trust with them, focused on quality and profitability.

  • Focus on results and customized products

Our goal is to find, in consultation with the customer, the most suitable solution for product and production process. The constant quality of the Flinn range is the key criterion throughout the process.

  • Integrated solution

The vertical integration with the flour mills of Dossche Mills enables Flinn to present solutions for the food industry based on the "field to plate" principle.

  • Global approach

Flinn's expert team offers innovative, customer-oriented formulations to meet worldwide customer and consumer needs.

  • Clean Label

The majority of the Flinn range has an E-number free declaration.